Hi there! I’m Lynn Peterson. I have used leather products for a long and this has developed my interest in, familiarity with, and comprehension of leather. I am here to educate you about leather care and help you select the most outstanding leather goods.

There is a lot of information about leather on the internet. But honestly, most of it is wide of the mark.

Having worked in the leather industry for over 15 years (still working), I can clearly tell there is an information gap that needs to be filled regarding leather and its products.

This is why I started this website.

leatherinsights.com About Lynn Peterson

I aim to use my 15 years of experience working with leather products to enlighten you on the different types of leather products and how to care for them.

I’m also a leather fanatic.

I own several leather boots and shoes, bags, handbags, jackets, skirts, pants, and other accessories like bracelets.

I love working with leather and here at Leatherinsights.com, you will get first-hand verified information about all your leather items from clothing to shoes, and furniture like sofas, recliners, and car seats.