How to Choose the Best Leather Edge Paint

When it comes to leather crafting, the devil is in the details and one of the most important details is the edge finish, which is a way to seal the leather edges.

A well-painted edge can make all the difference between a mediocre piece and a stunning one. But with so many edge finishes on the market, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one. So, how do you choose the best leather edge paint?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top leather edge paints, each with its own unique features and benefits.

So, whether you’re a seasoned leather crafter or just starting out, this post will guide you to the perfect leather edge paint for your next project.

best leather edge paint

Which is the best leather edge paint?

The best leather edge paint should ensure that the edges of your leather goods are well-protected and look professional. Fiebing’s Edge Kote and Angelus Acrylic leather paints are the most commonly used due to their durability, flexibility, and easy application.

Let’s look at these edge paints in detail to help you choose the best for your leather project or craft.

1. Edge Kote by Fiebing’s

Edge Kote is a product of Fiebing’s just like Resolene leather finish and its substitutes.

There is no doubt that Fiebing’s Edge Kote is a professional-grade paint that will provide you with a long-lasting and durable edge finish.

I tried this edge paint on my leather handbag that had started peeling off at the edges and it actually worked.  I just applied a couple of coats allowing each to dry before applying the next and I got a really smooth finish on the edges.

It is very simple to apply and dries to a strong finish that can withstand heat and resist water. You however need to be careful during application because the paint might be difficult to remove if it gets on other areas that you don’t intend to paint.

Edge Kote comes in a variety of colors to complement your leather items. You can get it in black, light brown, brown, or neutral (clear).

However, I should point out that this edge paint works specifically on leather. If you use it on faux leather, it is likely to flake or scratch off easily.

Additionally, you need to first burnish the edges of your leather item so that the paint can adhere strongly. Alternatively, apply an edge dressing prior to applying this edge paint.

Feature Fiebing’s Edge Kote
Professional-grade paint Yes
Long-lasting and durable edge finish Yes
Simple to apply Yes
Can withstand heat and resist water Yes
Variety of colors available Yes
Works specifically on leather (not for faux leather) Yes
Dries to a strong finish Yes

2. Giardini Maxedge Basic Leather Paint

Giardini Edge Paint is supplied by the Buckleguy store and you buy it from a store near you or from online retailers.

It is an excellent choice of edge paint for anyone looking to restore the edges of their leather items. This is attributed to its superior performance when compared to other leather paints on the market.

When you use this paint, you will notice that it is thicker compared to other edge paints. This allows for more even and consistent coverage with just a single application so you get the job done faster and with less mess.

Additionally, Giardini edge paint has been tested for cracking resistance and has been found to be 50% better than other leading brands. This means that it is very durable and your leather items will look better for longer, even with regular use.

Also, it has been shown to have 30% better adhesion than other brands, which ensures that the paint will stay put, even on edges of high-wear areas such as your handbag or bag edges.

Furthermore, it is formulated to be highly resistant to UV rays, which means your leather items will retain their color and vibrancy even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

In addition to its superior performance, Giardini Maxedge Basic Leather Paint is also 10x more sustainable and eco-friendly than other leather paints. This is achieved through its water-based formula, which reduces the use of harmful chemicals and solvents.

Giardini edge paint comes in a set of 3 and you can find it in different colors that easily match your leather items.

Feature Giardini Maxedge Basic Paint
Thicker edge with a single application Yes
50% better cracking test Yes
30% better adhesion Yes
Color resistance to UV rays Yes
10x more sustainable and eco-friendly Yes
Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Yes

3. Angelus acrylic leather edge finish

Angelus Edge Leather Finish is a top-of-the-line product specifically designed to provide a durable, high-gloss finish for all types of leather surfaces.

Whether you’re looking to restore the shine on a pair of leather shoes or add a glossy finish to a leather purse, this finish is the perfect solution.

One of the key benefits of Angelus Edge paint is that it is incredibly durable. It’s made to withstand regular wear and tear, so your leather items will retain their shine for a long time.

Plus, the finish is highly resistant to cracking, peeling, and fading, ensuring your leather items will look new for a long time.

If you choose this paint, you will like the fact that it requires no buffing. Most high-gloss finishes require buffing after application, but this one does not. This means you can use it with minimal effort and achieve a perfect finish.

Additionally, it is a water-based finish, which makes it easy to clean up. This is great for those who are looking for a more eco-friendly option, and also for those who just want to avoid the hassle of dealing with messy solvents.

Feature Angelus Edge Leather Finish
Durable high gloss finish Yes
No buffing required Yes
Water-based for an easy cleanup Yes
No fire danger Yes


In conclusion, Giardini Maxedge Basic Leather Paint, Angelus Edge Leather Finish, and Fiebing’s Edge Kote are all excellent options for anyone looking to restore or enhance the edges of their leather items.

Each of these paints offers a unique set of features that make them suitable for different types of projects.

Therefore, when choosing the best leather edge paint, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your project, such as the type of leather, the finish you’re looking to achieve, and the durability you require.

With the wide range of options available, you are sure to find the perfect paint for your needs.


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