How to Authenticate Prada bags (8 proven WAYS)

If you are thinking about purchasing a Prada bag, it is important to ensure that it is authentic. In this article, we will explain how to authenticate Prada bags to ensure you are getting the real deal.

The popularity of Prada products has also made them a target for counterfeits. With so many fake Prada products on the market, it can be difficult to know how to spot the real thing.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to do this, and the most important thing is to be familiar with the Prada brand. This will help you to spot any signs that the bag may be fake or not genuine.

How to Authenticate Prada bags

How to authenticate Prada bags

There are several ways to check if a Prada bag is authentic. The brand stamp on newer versions should have the word Prada written on the first line and Made in Italy written on the second. In addition, consider the inverted triangle logo, the brand name on the interior lining, the presence of an authenticity card and dust bag, and straight and neat stitching.

Let’s get deeper into how to check Prada bag authenticity.

1. Check the brand stamp on the Prada bag

When purchasing a Prada bag, the first thing people notice is the name on the brand stamp. Most Prada bags are made in Italy so it is not surprising to see these words engraved on the brand stamp.

However, there have been significant changes to the brand stamp over the years.

Some older versions of Prada bags have two lines: Prada written on the first line and Milano on the second line. Other vintage bags have three lines with Prada, Milano, and Made in Italy written on the first, second and third lines respectively.

Today, you are likely to notice only two lines on newer versions of the bags. The name Prada has been maintained on the first line but the second line has since changed to Made in Italy.

2. Check the Prada bag logo

After examining the brand stamp, it’s time to have a closer look at Prada’s brand logo.

Prada bags have inverted triangular plaques on which the brand name is written, which are usually the same color as the leather bag.

how to check authenticity of a prada bag

When it comes to the brand name, Prada has a particular font on its logo that cannot be replicated easily by imitators.

The letter ‘R’ has a slight curve on top of the leg that makes it appears as if it’s barely attached to the rest of the letter. In addition, the leg of the letter inclines outward. The letter ‘A’ also stands out because of its distinctive top serif.

This unique calligraphy of the letters ‘R’ and ‘A’ gives the impression that the distance between the two letters is wider than the distance between other letters in the name.

Check to make sure these unique letters appear wherever there is the name Prada and not just on the logo; check the authenticity card, dust bag, interior lining, and zipper among other areas.

3. Prada Authenticity card

Another essential thing to check is the authenticity card that comes with all Prada bags.

The authenticity card- which comes in a small black envelope- is a small white plastic that resembles a credit card. It contains important details about the bag such as its style and the serial number.

The front part of the card has the Prada logo while the back contains the serial number, store location where the bag was purchased, and the date when it was bought.

Copycats will often have fake random numbers so be sure to check the validity of the serial number. You can do this by contacting the company and asking them to verify the number for you.

4. Quality assurance tag

Do you want to find out if your Prada purse is legit? Verify if there is a little, white tag with a number written on it that is sewn onto the seam of the internal pocket.

This tag is known as a quality assurance tag or a factory tag because it is sewn onto the bag during production.

The tag shows the factory number of the bag but you might not find it on smaller items like wallets.

Be advised that some counterfeit bags may have a random fake number written on the tag. Be sure to contact the company to check its validity.

5. Dust bag

All newer versions of Prada bags including purses and handbags come in a white dust bag that is meant to protect them from water, dust, and sun damage.

The dust bag must have the company’s logo printed in black and the brand name letters must match the style we discussed earlier. Have a closer look at the letters ‘R’ and ‘A’ to make sure the calligraphy is similar to what is on the logo, authenticity card, tag, and lining.

If the dust bag is missing, confirm with the store manager.

6. Interior lining and logo plaque

The first thing you notice when you unzip a Prada bag is the signature rope motif pattern that is embossed all over the lining.

The interior lining is made of satin, smooth calf leather, or embossed jacquard nylon fabric, which is considered to be Prada’s signature fabric.

If you observe the interior of the bag closely, you will also see the name Prada alternates with the rope motif and it’s flipped on every other line.

There is a logo plaque attached to the interior lining as well. In newer versions, the interior plaque has two lines; the first is written Prada while the second is written Made in Italy.

Unlike the exterior plaque, which is an inverted triangle, the interior one is rectangular with well-rounded corners.

7. Stitching and seams

Another obvious way to spot a fake Prada bag is by examining the stitching and seams.

Untidy and uneven stitching as well as seams that seem to be coming apart are further signs of a fake Prada purse or bag.

Genuine Prada bags have clean stitching that is not uneven or frayed and the seams are not glued.

Additionally, Prada makes stitches in a distinctive manner. Prada bags have a slightly tilted stitching pattern compared to the straight horizontal stitching that is employed by other brands.

The color of the stitches also matches that of the bag and blends well so they are not easily visible at a distance.

8. Zippers, clasps, and buckles

Finally, to authenticate your Prada purse, look at the hardware, which includes the zipper, clasps, buckles, feet, and locks.

You are likely to find poor-quality hardware on imitation Prada bags since cheap materials are used. Prada however, uses high-quality material to make the zippers, buckles, and any other hardware.

Check to ensure that all the hardware has the Prada brand name engraved on the front side. The name of the brand from which the hardware was sourced is also engraved on the backside.

Prada gets its hardware from Lampo, Ipi, Opti, Riri, and YKK and either of these should be clearly engraved on the hardware, especially on the Zipper.

The hardware comes in either silver or gold and complements the color of the bag.


In this article, we have seen how to authenticate Prada bags by checking the brand stamp, brand logo, authenticity card, quality assurance tag, dust bag, interior lining, logo plaque, seams and stitching, and zippers, clasps, and buckles.

Some of these checks might not be very obvious to distinguish and might need the services of a professional who is skilled in spotting fakes.

So the following are some of the easiest ways to spot an imitation or fake Prada bag.

  • Misspelled brand names such as Milan instead of Milano
  • The serial number on the authenticity card is not valid
  • Absence of a quality assurance tag
  • The factory number on the tag is not valid
  • Missing authenticity card
  • The brand logo plaque for newer versions of the bag is not an inverted triangle
  • The interior brand logo plaque is not rectangular or the edges are not rounded
  • Uneven and frayed stitching
  • The color of the stitching and the bag do not match
  • Zippers with no brand name
  • The interior lining does not have the brand name


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